Automate User Interface tests in Visual Studio 
2008-04-14, 00:14 - Programming, Agile
Ok. So I too have tried to automate some nice user interface tests for the programs I developed. Doing this I got frustrated that there was no tool that worked the way I wanted. I just wanted to be able to:
- Record tests
- Get recorded tests in c# code
- Debug and edit the tests inside Visual Studio
- Have tests where the UI mapping code was seperated from the test logic.
- Extend the test framework where it didn't fulfill my needs.

Well this is why I got involved in the development of the Test Automation FX framework which addresses these problems (and solves them!)

The beta is out there and itīs getting quite nice. Go to the website and try it out.

Have fun and happy testing!
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Ignore this! 
2007-05-04, 20:17 - Programming
Ok, you have to ignore this. But I was missing my ignore settings for TortoiseSVN the other day. I thought I would post them here for me and everybody else to use.

Just add the pattern below in the General page of the Settings dialog for TortoiseSVN and you will stop TortoiseSVN from adding those unwanted files to your repositories.

*.a37 *.aps *.APS *.bak *.bkp *.cache *.chm *.clw *.dbg *.dll *.dsw *.DSW *.exe *.exp *.FileList.txt *.gid *.hlp *.idb *.ilk *.inx *.lib *.log *.lst *.map *.ncb *.obj *.obs *.old *.opt *.OPT *.pch *.pdb *.plg *.PLG *.r37 *.res *.sbr *.scc *.suo *.tlb *.trg *.user *.vcl *.vcb *.vco *.vcc *.vspscc *.WW *.xcl *._ip *_i.c *_i.c *_p.c *.tmp *.rpt *.000 *.001 *.002 CmdSwitch.cmd dlldata.c log maxlog name DRIVER*.mak DRIVER*.bin torom.bat DRIVER*.txt lnk.txt Debug Debug_NET DebugU Release Release_NET ReleaseMinDependency ReleaseMinSize ReleaseUMinDependency ReleaseUMinSize Out DRIVER DRIVER_? Thumbs.db obj bin _UpgradeReport_Files TestResult.xml UpgradeLog.XML UpgradeLog2.XML *Debug_Shared *Release_Shared release debug Release_Static
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Agile Podcasts 
2007-02-11, 08:19 - Agile
Just wanted to share some great Agile Podcast sources that I listen to frequently.

Agile Toolkit Podcast
Conversations about Agile Methodologies and Practices.
A great podcast with Bob Payne.

Lean Agile Straight Talk podcast
Jim Trott from NetObjectives has a podcast that is great, but low "easy listening"-factor...

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So many crooks... so few bullets 
2007-01-16, 23:13 - Personal, Agile
And so many ideas and so little time.
During my holiday I sat down to write down some of my ideas and questions mainly regarding agile software development and leadership. It started out as a few points that I wanted to use as my own reminders but slowly evolved to a couple of pages!! I wanted to use this information to kind of keep the trail of thought that has lead me to the "mental state" where I am today. I've come to notice that when I read stuff that have written myself I often get further with my thoughts. If I don't write stuff down I get the same ideas over and over again. And that's too frustrating to live with. Maybe that's kind of the essence why I started blogging in the first place, huh?

Anyway. Think I'll try to put the stuff I wrote on the web so I have it easily accessible and maybe even get som comments from other people.
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Every success story starts with a light sun tan... 
2007-01-01, 16:29 - Personal
So a new year my friends !!
Let's make this a great year. I feel I have more energy than ever.
Maybe due to my two month paternal leave...
Now I'm going on a one week trip to some warmer place (hell yes! hmm...). Guess I'll have some time to reflect some more on important matters, get even more energy and maybe get a little sun tan as well...

And that's it! Every success story starts with a light sun tan. So stay tuned for my success story ::)
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