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      • Blast from the past
        On my second holiday week the mobile phone suddenly sounded the SMS signal. No worries! A friend has sent a greeting perhaps? No, beware. It's your past haunting you...

        For about six years ago I did a "gig" for a consulting firm where I developed a Recipe system for the &qu

      • Ida
        Just had to make an entry to post a picture of my little daughter Ida.
        So here we go. Here she is 3 months old, standing with just a little help from her mother Jenny ::)

      • The Blog itself
        This blog is powered by SimplePhpBlog. It was really easy to install. Thx to Magnux for finding it for me even though he isn't using this blogengine...

        The Mungoose is my old C64 Hacker name. And for those of you that don't know what C64 is... well you're just too young :;)

      • En liten start
        Det är nästan ett måste att ha en blog nu för tiden. Så här är min.

        Det som drabbar en efter den initiala installationsfasen då man lätt drar ner själva blogverktyget och kastar upp det på sin website är den berömda skrivkrampen... Vad skall jag skriva? Nåväl det är ganska simpelt. Varför