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      • TDD is great for DADs
        As a father of a four months old daughter I only have a few moment a day to sit down and do some programming.

        Here TDD is really handy. It helps you to be quite productive even when you only have a few minutes to work at the time.

        Hmmm...Got back to the computer. Aha! A red tes

      • Another puzzle
        Just wanted to share another nice problem/puzzle I found.
        The problem

      • Puzzle
        I like puzzles.

        The last couple of days I have been looking around to find nice ones.
        It's even more fun when the puzzles plays tricks with your mind.

        This one is really funny:
        Don's Amazing Puzzle

        You just have to love the fact that the guy had t

      • On a neat to know basis
        I like to know stuff!!

        I dislike it when people hide information. This goes for people managing companies as well as in my personal life. Therefore I hate the expression "On a Need-To-Know basis".

        I would like to advocate my own expression:
        "On a Neat-To-Kno

      • Don't go to Malta
        Don't go to Malta and leave your favourite pet (-project) with a friend. It might be abused...:;)

      • Fat as few - Mondays to the rescue
        Well into my vacation I discover that I once again managed to achive my goal to gain at least 5 kilos during the summer. Tomorrow is monday and the start of a new week, a new've all heard it before. It ain't always easy to get started. But this time I got an old friend to help m

      • aNotherMock
        The other day I was about to set up a new Visual Studio project for a control I needed. It was a control well suited for TDD so I added the needed references for that.
        Since I have been doing TDD for a while now using NMock 1.0 I felt the need to upgrade myself and take a look at and learn NMoc

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