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      • CodeStyleEnforcer

        Just wanted to mention that I since a couple of weeks is a member of the CodeStyleEnforcer team. You can read more about CodeStyleEnforcer on the blog of its creator Joel Fjordén.

        The CodeStyleEnforcer is a truly amazing plug-in to Visual Studio that checks your coding style a

      • Speakers corner

        Just wanted to share the news that I will be speaking at Öredev together with my collegue Henrik Strömberg. We have had a lot of experience of advanced design-time programming in .NET and was asked to share our findings with the programming community.

        Be sure to attend the conferenc

      • it up!
        Well, when I started blogging I thought that I would share the wonders of WPF with the world.

        I haven't done that very much I'm afraid. So I better shape it up!!
        At this time my focus is on how to mix standard user interfaces with rich 3D effects to create intuitive user in

      • Another nice puzzle
        Head Bands

        Three white men were taken captive by a hostile Indian tribe. The chieftain was willing to let them go so he took them to a tepee, where there was no light. He put one head band on each of their heads (he had 3 white and 2 red - so 2 head bands were not used). Then they went ou

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