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  • 2008
    • April
      • Automate User Interface tests in Visual Studio
        Ok. So I too have tried to automate some nice user interface tests for the programs I developed. Doing this I got frustrated that there was no tool that worked the way I wanted. I just wanted to be able to:
        - Record tests
        - Get recorded tests in c# code
        - Debug and edit the tests insi

  • 2007
    • May
      • Ignore this!
        Ok, you have to ignore this. But I was missing my ignore settings for TortoiseSVN the other day. I thought I would post them here for me and everybody else to use.

        Just add the pattern below in the General page of the Settings dialog for TortoiseSVN and you will stop TortoiseSVN from addi

    • February
      • Agile Podcasts
        Just wanted to share some great Agile Podcast sources that I listen to frequently.

        Agile Toolkit Podcast
        Conversations about Agile Methodologies and Practices.
        A great podcast with Bob Payne.

        Lean Agile Straight Talk podcast
        Jim Trott from NetObjectives has a

    • January
      • So many crooks... so few bullets
        And so many ideas and so little time.
        During my holiday I sat down to write down some of my ideas and questions mainly regarding agile software development and leadership. It started out as a few points that I wanted to use as my own reminders but slowly evolved to a couple of pages!! I wanted

      • Every success story starts with a light sun tan...
        So a new year my friends !!
        Let's make this a great year. I feel I have more energy than ever.
        Maybe due to my two month paternal leave...
        Now I'm going on a one week trip to some warmer place (hell yes! hmm...). Guess I'll have some time to reflect some more on import

  • 2006
    • December
      • Agile to Death
        I've spent years on the barricades for the Agile methologies. Even before I knew what Agile was...

        I've done my job struggling against formal and stiff development methods that believed more in the process itself than in the people doing the actual work. In the last two or three

    • September
      • CodeStyleEnforcer

        Just wanted to mention that I since a couple of weeks is a member of the CodeStyleEnforcer team. You can read more about CodeStyleEnforcer on the blog of its creator Joel Fjordén.

        The CodeStyleEnforcer is a truly amazing plug-in to Visual Studio that checks your coding style a

      • Speakers corner

        Just wanted to share the news that I will be speaking at Öredev together with my collegue Henrik Strömberg. We have had a lot of experience of advanced design-time programming in .NET and was asked to share our findings with the programming community.

        Be sure to attend the conferenc

      • it up!
        Well, when I started blogging I thought that I would share the wonders of WPF with the world.

        I haven't done that very much I'm afraid. So I better shape it up!!
        At this time my focus is on how to mix standard user interfaces with rich 3D effects to create intuitive user in

      • Another nice puzzle
        Head Bands

        Three white men were taken captive by a hostile Indian tribe. The chieftain was willing to let them go so he took them to a tepee, where there was no light. He put one head band on each of their heads (he had 3 white and 2 red - so 2 head bands were not used). Then they went ou

    • August
      • TDD is great for DADs
        As a father of a four months old daughter I only have a few moment a day to sit down and do some programming.

        Here TDD is really handy. It helps you to be quite productive even when you only have a few minutes to work at the time.

        Hmmm...Got back to the computer. Aha! A red tes

      • Another puzzle
        Just wanted to share another nice problem/puzzle I found.
        The problem

      • Puzzle
        I like puzzles.

        The last couple of days I have been looking around to find nice ones.
        It's even more fun when the puzzles plays tricks with your mind.

        This one is really funny:
        Don's Amazing Puzzle

        You just have to love the fact that the guy had t

      • On a neat to know basis
        I like to know stuff!!

        I dislike it when people hide information. This goes for people managing companies as well as in my personal life. Therefore I hate the expression "On a Need-To-Know basis".

        I would like to advocate my own expression:
        "On a Neat-To-Kno

      • Don't go to Malta
        Don't go to Malta and leave your favourite pet (-project) with a friend. It might be abused...:;)

      • Fat as few - Mondays to the rescue
        Well into my vacation I discover that I once again managed to achive my goal to gain at least 5 kilos during the summer. Tomorrow is monday and the start of a new week, a new've all heard it before. It ain't always easy to get started. But this time I got an old friend to help m

      • aNotherMock
        The other day I was about to set up a new Visual Studio project for a control I needed. It was a control well suited for TDD so I added the needed references for that.
        Since I have been doing TDD for a while now using NMock 1.0 I felt the need to upgrade myself and take a look at and learn NMoc

    • July
      • Blast from the past
        On my second holiday week the mobile phone suddenly sounded the SMS signal. No worries! A friend has sent a greeting perhaps? No, beware. It's your past haunting you...

        For about six years ago I did a "gig" for a consulting firm where I developed a Recipe system for the &qu

      • Ida
        Just had to make an entry to post a picture of my little daughter Ida.
        So here we go. Here she is 3 months old, standing with just a little help from her mother Jenny ::)

      • The Blog itself
        This blog is powered by SimplePhpBlog. It was really easy to install. Thx to Magnux for finding it for me even though he isn't using this blogengine...

        The Mungoose is my old C64 Hacker name. And for those of you that don't know what C64 is... well you're just too young :;)

      • En liten start
        Det är nästan ett måste att ha en blog nu för tiden. Så här är min.

        Det som drabbar en efter den initiala installationsfasen då man lätt drar ner själva blogverktyget och kastar upp det på sin website är den berömda skrivkrampen... Vad skall jag skriva? Nåväl det är ganska simpelt. Varför