So many crooks... so few bullets 
2007-01-16, 23:13 - Personal, Agile
And so many ideas and so little time.
During my holiday I sat down to write down some of my ideas and questions mainly regarding agile software development and leadership. It started out as a few points that I wanted to use as my own reminders but slowly evolved to a couple of pages!! I wanted to use this information to kind of keep the trail of thought that has lead me to the "mental state" where I am today. I've come to notice that when I read stuff that have written myself I often get further with my thoughts. If I don't write stuff down I get the same ideas over and over again. And that's too frustrating to live with. Maybe that's kind of the essence why I started blogging in the first place, huh?

Anyway. Think I'll try to put the stuff I wrote on the web so I have it easily accessible and maybe even get som comments from other people.
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Every success story starts with a light sun tan... 
2007-01-01, 16:29 - Personal
So a new year my friends !!
Let's make this a great year. I feel I have more energy than ever.
Maybe due to my two month paternal leave...
Now I'm going on a one week trip to some warmer place (hell yes! hmm...). Guess I'll have some time to reflect some more on important matters, get even more energy and maybe get a little sun tan as well...

And that's it! Every success story starts with a light sun tan. So stay tuned for my success story ::)
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Agile to Death 
2006-12-11, 21:38 - Programming, Agile
I've spent years on the barricades for the Agile methologies. Even before I knew what Agile was...

I've done my job struggling against formal and stiff development methods that believed more in the process itself than in the people doing the actual work. In the last two or three years this struggle has been a whole lot easier with the broad (somewhat...) acceptance of agile methods.

I now work as a Agile Project Leader trying to keep the agile spirit alive in the teams I coach. I think I'm doing a petty good job ::). But I can get better.. (and that's what agility is about a lot...improving yourself and others to get the job done).

Some personal principles I think I like:
- Keep it simple (small smart simple units make a working complex system. A system that is only complex NEVER works).
- Use your skills and adopt new ones. There's no excuse... agile is about people triggered by the wish to be better and to do great stuff.
- Be balanced. All principles should be considered with their pros and cons. YAGNI for instance is great to consider if you often over design stuff. But don't use it as an excuse for doing rigid non-generic implementations of problems we know will evolve. Be critical and try not to adopt to many ideas blindly...I guess this is experience talking :;)
- TDD and unit tests are great to have...sometimes. But don't bend yourself backward to test everything. And for the love of God keep the tests simple if anything.
- Think WE (or Win-Win). Try to fix everything yourself and you will probably fail (or at least get exhausted succeeding :;) ). It is hard work being a good team player. In agile development it is the team's responsibility to fix everything, even the process. Try to get along with people and incourage them to grow along with you. Communicate!! Think Win-Win. There are solutions we all can benifit from...find them. Empower the mind as well!!

Well, just wanted to throw something up!! Guess I'll be blogging more about agile than WPF in the future :;)

BTW, if you live in the south of Sweden or Denmark and have an interest in Agile methologies be sure to check out Agile Řresund. It is a newly started user group for people interested and maybe experienced in agile methods, practices and technologies.

"Thanks for listening, I feel much better now..."

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2006-09-24, 22:41 - Programming

Just wanted to mention that I since a couple of weeks is a member of the CodeStyleEnforcer team. You can read more about CodeStyleEnforcer on the blog of its creator Joel Fjordén.

The CodeStyleEnforcer is a truly amazing plug-in to Visual Studio that checks your coding style as you type along providing visual feedback of your code style violations. Not only naming conventions are checked but also some other rules (for instance visibility conventions etc).

In the upcoming release support has been added to quickly correct code style violations automatically. Be sure to check it out!

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Speakers corner 
2006-09-08, 23:10 - Personal, Programming

Just wanted to share the news that I will be speaking at Öredev together with my collegue Henrik Strömberg. We have had a lot of experience of advanced design-time programming in .NET and was asked to share our findings with the programming community.

Be sure to attend the conference and our slot.
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