So many crooks... so few bullets 
2007-01-16, 23:13 - Personal, Agile
And so many ideas and so little time.
During my holiday I sat down to write down some of my ideas and questions mainly regarding agile software development and leadership. It started out as a few points that I wanted to use as my own reminders but slowly evolved to a couple of pages!! I wanted to use this information to kind of keep the trail of thought that has lead me to the "mental state" where I am today. I've come to notice that when I read stuff that have written myself I often get further with my thoughts. If I don't write stuff down I get the same ideas over and over again. And that's too frustrating to live with. Maybe that's kind of the essence why I started blogging in the first place, huh?

Anyway. Think I'll try to put the stuff I wrote on the web so I have it easily accessible and maybe even get som comments from other people.
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Every success story starts with a light sun tan... 
2007-01-01, 16:29 - Personal
So a new year my friends !!
Let's make this a great year. I feel I have more energy than ever.
Maybe due to my two month paternal leave...
Now I'm going on a one week trip to some warmer place (hell yes! hmm...). Guess I'll have some time to reflect some more on important matters, get even more energy and maybe get a little sun tan as well...

And that's it! Every success story starts with a light sun tan. So stay tuned for my success story ::)
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Speakers corner 
2006-09-08, 23:10 - Personal, Programming

Just wanted to share the news that I will be speaking at Öredev together with my collegue Henrik Strömberg. We have had a lot of experience of advanced design-time programming in .NET and was asked to share our findings with the programming community.

Be sure to attend the conference and our slot.
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