Another nice puzzle 
2006-09-01, 23:48 - Puzzles
Head Bands

Three white men were taken captive by a hostile Indian tribe. The chieftain was willing to let them go so he took them to a tepee, where there was no light. He put one head band on each of their heads (he had 3 white and 2 red - so 2 head bands were not used). Then they went out in a queue so that each man saw the head-band of those standing in front of himself (the first one did not see any head band, the second one saw the first one's head band, and the third one saw the head bands of the two others). If somebody said the colour of his head-band, they all would be free.

If they had three white headbands could they survive? They did! How?
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Another puzzle 
2006-08-16, 22:33 - Puzzles
Just wanted to share another nice problem/puzzle I found.
The problem
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